Warranty claim

Warranty claim


In order for us to process your warranty request in the best and clearest way, it is mandatory to fill out a separate warranty request for each product (part) that is the subject of a complaint. For example, if you want to create a warranty request for two items, you will have to fill out the form twice and go through the corresponding process. Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine multiple products into one warranty request.

Please also note that possible warranty rights remain unaffected by the warranty conditions and the processing of warranty requests. You can assert your legal warranty rights separately against the seller of the respective product.

Please read the following information carefully, fill in the following fields of the digital warranty request form under points 2., 3. and 8.) completely and then click on "Submit".

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Please enter product number or product name.

What's next?

As soon as the product is in the hands of your dealer or a Tupperware distributorship, you can sit back and relax. As soon as we receive it, we will check your warranty request as quickly as possible - we promise! Nevertheless, the examination can take some time, since we want to come to a correct evaluation in the sense of all inquirers.

As soon as the check is completed, you will receive an e-mail message from us, which, in case of a positive result, will also include your personal warranty voucher. You can then use this voucher according to the terms and conditions on it to buy a great new Tupperware® product. Of course, we will also contact you by e-mail if we have to reject your warranty request.

What happens to my product if there is a warranty claim?

In the spirit of a closed material cycle and the responsible use of our planet's resources, we recycle all Tupperware® products that we receive and for which a warranty case exists. By submitting this warranty request, you therefore also agree that your Tupperware® product will be recycled by us in the event of a positive test result and that you will not receive it back. The recycling is free of charge for you.

No warranty claim - recycle or return to you at your expense?

In addition, we also offer to recycle returned Tupperware® products that are not covered by warranty free of charge - you are making an important contribution to protecting our environment!
If your warranty request is rejected because our warranty conditions are not met, you will receive an email notification. For this case we need a decision from you already now:

I agree that Tupperware may process my contact and usage data in order to inform me individually and in a personalized manner by e-mail about services, products and special promotions of interest to me with regard to the Tupperware product range. The collection of usage data takes place in all Tupperware online services, the online stores operated by the Tupperware distributor and in the Tupperware newsletter. The newsletter dispatch is carried out in accordance with the Tupperware data protection information. I can revoke my consent at any time with effect for the future vis-à-vis Tupperware, e.g. by clicking on "unsubscribe" in each newsletter or also by e-mail to the contact details given in the imprint.

Fields with a [ * ] are mandatory.

[1] Proof of purchase available:
a) completely filled out German Tupperware® order form
b) Tupperware® Online Shop Invoice
c) Tupperware® Shop receipt
d) Receipt of product purchase within the scope of an official cooperation of the seller with Tupperware

2] The return shipping costs are - regardless of the product - 7.99 €. The return shipment will only be processed after receipt of payment of the return shipping costs and will only be sent to the address specified in the warranty request. You can find the bank details for the transfer of the return shipping costs at the end of this page. As reason for payment you have to enter the transaction number, which will be given to you in the confirmation e-mail of the receipt of your warranty request. Both information will also be given in the e-mail you will receive if your warranty request is rejected. If we do not receive the transfer amount for the return costs within 14 days after the notification of the rejection of your request, we assume that you agree to the feeding of your product into our recycling process free of charge for you. You are making an important contribution to the protection of our environment!